Coronavirus Vaccine is Scientists’ Top Priority- By Shannon Lutz

Scientists across the world are acting on finding a vaccine for the coronavirus every day due to Covid-19 cases rising and the virus’s deadly capabilities.

Scientists work day and night to ensure that we eventually get the desperately needed vaccines, but there are many issues that need to be worked out. Some include basic safety issues involving the vaccine, as they are worried about the possible side-effects of it. 

The scientists have now done two tests on humans, but the results have uncertain status. The release of the vaccine is unknown but rumor states it may be by the end of 2020. 

When it is first released, the vaccine may not be available to the whole population, only people with life threatening diseases that may increase their chances of not surviving the virus. It is also not recommended for children or pregnant women to take it. The cost of the vaccine will be low and available to all that are in need nationwide. 

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