The Hybrid: A New Way of Learning- By Ariann Demchack

Students in school districts around the world have been using the hybrid method, a mix of both online and in-person education, in their schools during the coronavirus pandemic. This new format  helps prevent the spread of the disease and keeps students and faculty members safe. 

Schools are working with this method by using a scheduling system. For example, many schools have a group of students go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays, this group is called Group A. Wednesdays are scheduled for a building cleaning, where everything will be sanitized. Thursdays and Fridays are scheduled for students in Group B. The days the students are not scheduled to be in school to learn, they will be attending school virtually.

Other schools, like Ringgold School District,  are allowing their students to pick what days they want to come to school or attend virtually.

Some students are claiming their grades are getting worse, while others are finding improvements in their grades. Students are saying that it was very hard to adjust at first, some were finding it was hard to be efficient in school and keeping up with their assignments.

I interviewed a student who is working with the new hybrid platform. Kira Brant, a junior at Ringgold High School, originally chose the traditional way of learning, until she slowly morphed into doing both online and traditional learning. She stated, “Learning is becoming more difficult and challenging, but it makes me push myself harder.”  She says it benefits her in some ways, like if she is running late or doesn’t feel well, she doesn’t have to worry about missing classes because she can do them virtually. While the new platform has many issues, overall it seems to be working relatively well with students, and is covid friendly. 

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