The Spread of Covid-19 in America- By Isabella Szakal

Citizens of the United States have been experiencing a large increase in COVID-19 cases recently. 

The virus has spread throughout many different ethnic and age groups. The symptoms of COVID are sometimes very hard to read, so it’s hard to tell if someone has it without testing. 

Each day, cases are increasing by the thousands; about 2,000 people in the United states are diagnosed a day, the results of a daily total of around a million tests taken. Out of those tests, about five percent are positive. There are about 700 new deaths each day that are caused by COVID. In total there are over 217,000 confirmed deaths caused by COVID or complications with COVID. There are over 8 million confirmed cases in the United States alone. 

To avoid getting COVID-19 one  can  follow very simple steps. Wash your hands for 20 seconds, or, if you don’t feel like counting, the length of time it would take to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice, after you come in contact with things like groceries or food from other places. Also, sanitize your groceries to your best ability before cooking with or eating them. When in public, wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself and others.  Avoid contact with others and keep a 6 foot distance from people in public. Either it be school, work, or a store, keeping distance is a very important thing to do. If you feel sick, stay home and avoid infecting others. 

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