Trick-or-Treating During a Pandemic- By Dominic Cropelli

As Halloween draws near, concerns of Covid-19 have caused the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) to give general guidelines on what to do for this upcoming holiday, and companies are taking active strides to help lessen the impact of the virus. Certain towns are also taking precautions when it comes to trick-or-treating.

First, the CDC has deemed traditional trick-or-treating, costume parties, haunted houses, hayrides, and fall festivals as “higher risk activities.” The CDC also gave several alternatives to help ensure safety, such as: a scavenger hunt in replacement of trick-or-treating, a virtual costume contest in lieu of a party, and a movie night with your family rather than outdoor public events. The CDC also gave suggestions in case you do venture out, such as wearing a cloth mask under any Halloween masks, one-way haunted forest walks, visiting pumpkin patches, and outdoor movie nights.

Another alternative to the tradition is a new trend called “boo-bags.” These boo-bags are similar to boo-grams; the idea, which is becoming widespread by companies like: CVS Pharmacy and Hershey, is to buy bags of candy and individually deliver it to the doorsteps of your neighborhood as a “one-way” trick-or-treating if you will. Despite the lack of social interaction, however, the CDC considers the idea as a “medium risk activity” due to the potential virus that can be left on the bag.

Most towns in the Ringgold School District are scheduled to trick-or-treat, these towns (with the date and time of the event) are as follows: 

  • Donora- October 31st; 4PM-6PM
  • Finleyville- October 31st; 6PM-8PM
  • New Eagle- October 31st; 6PM-8PM
  • Monongahela- October 27th; 6PM-8PM
  • Carroll- October 27th; 6PM-8PM
  • Nottingham- October 31st; 6PM-8PM
  • Union- October 31st; 6PM-8PM

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