Why Pennsylvania Could Decide the 2020 Election- By Eric Gondella

The 2020 Presidential Election is just around the corner, and Pennsylvania is on the radars of both Joe Biden and President Trump. Due to COVID-19, some politicians have advocated for mail-in voting, and many voters have chosen to vote by mail this year in hopes to combat the spread of the virus. Pennsylvania has historically been a state where the vast majority of voters voted in person. This year however, that is not the case, and due to the dramatic increase in mail ballots, there will be a delay in PA’s election results.

PA is considered a “tipping-point” state by many election analysts. Joe Biden has consistently held a lead over Trump in polling in the state, and many experts say that it “Leans Democratic”, meaning it is competitive, but that the Former Vice President has an advantage. 

Nate Silver is an election analyst, statistician and editor-in-chief for the blog FiveThirtyEight (Five hundred and thirty- eight being the number of electors in the electoral college.) In his words, “Right now, Pennsylvania looks like the single most important state of the 2020 election. According to FiveThirtyEight’s presidential forecast, Pennsylvania is by far the likeliest state to provide either President Trump or Joe Biden with the decisive vote in the Electoral College: It has a 31 percent chance of being the tipping-point state.

 The Biden campaign is confident in their chances of flipping the state back to blue after losing it  to Republicans four years ago. FiveThrityEight’s poll aggregate agrees, showing Biden with a 5.1% lead over the President.

 On the other hand, the Trump campaign has been trying to play catch-up by sounding the alarm to Republican surrogates and blasting the airwaves. With nearly 5 days to go until election day, PA is sure to have all eyes on it right up to election night.  

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