How the NFL is Handling the COVID-19- Ariann Demchak

The New Way to Play

The NFL, like many organizations, is doing all they can to keep their staff, players, and fans safe during this global pandemic. Obstacle after obstacle, the NFL, along with other sports organizations, are working to create a new norm around the many rules and regulations set in place.

The NFL has created new guidelines in order for teams to safely play. Players and coaches are required to wear masks when entering the stadium. Coaches, fans, and referees are required to be constantly masked, while players are permitted to be without while playing, or on the sidelines.

If players or coaches fail to follow these guidelines, they can be suspended from the league and required to pay fines.

If a player tests positive for COVID, they must quarantine for two weeks, along with anyone in close contact with them. The CDC states this is the best way to keep everyone safe.

In an interview with the NFL player, Stephon Gilmore, he stated, ¨It wasn’t easy, but a lot of things in life aren’t easy.¨ The player was exposed to a teammate who tested positive for the virus. Though it was hard he said, he had to push through to be there for his coaches and teammates.

The ongoing pandemic is a worldwide struggle. Over 65,000 people attend the Super Bowl every year, but now people are wondering how this will be altered to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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