The Biden-Trump Transition- Eric Gondella

Key takeaways from the first debate between Trump and Biden - Los Angeles  Times

With enough electoral votes in his column, President-Elect Joe Biden has already begun preparing to move into the White House. Him and his advisors have started forming a transition team and forming a COVID-19 task force. The shift begins despite President Trump’s lawsuits alleging that voter fraud took place in states that show him trailing the former VP. The effort has split the GOP, with some members of the president’s own party speaking out against it. Many election experts and pundits expect that his legal challenges are futile and unlikely to change the results. Several courts have already rejected the claims, citing insufficient evidence to prove any malfeasance. 

However, the General Services Administration, or GSA, a department of the executive branch responsible for officially launching the presidential transition, has refused to acknowledge the outcome of the election. Many legal experts say that there is no precedence for the current administration to stop an ongoing transition, and that doing so can hurt the country’s national security and safety. 

Before President-Elect Biden can receive briefings regarding matters of national security and affairs, he needs to have security clearance, which the GSA handles as well. Until they acknowledge the results of the election, Biden cannot begin to prepare actions concerning the military, COVID-19, or anything else which requires security clearance. The Biden campaign has threatened to take matters into their own hands by filing a lawsuit against the GSA, saying that delaying the transition delegitimizes the results of the election, and puts national security and lives at risk.  

For now, the President seems to be losing cases in the courts, and his staff is diminishing. Rudy Giuliani, the head of Trump’s legal team, has given up cases in Arizona and Wisconsin, and is exhausting all legal options in Pennsylvania and Georgia. 

Congress has set the deadline for states to certify their results on December 8th; after this date, the results will be isolated from legal challenges. All things considered, it is likely that Joseph R. Biden will be sworn in on January 20th.

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