Interview With a Vo-Tech Student- By Lily Rabbitt

Students at Ringgold likely heard of Vo-Tech, an opportunity for students to leave school for a few hours and replace their electives with hands-on, career oriented education. Many, especially freshmen, may be considering participating in Vo-Tech in the future. Here, sophomore Destiny Haney explains her experiences with the program.

Q : “What are you attending Vo-Tech for and how long have you been attending the program?

Destiny: “I am going to Vo-Tech for health occupations to be a physical therapist, a sonographer, or a veterinarian. I have been in it since the first day of my sophomore year.”

Q: “How would you describe your experience with Vo-Tech as a whole? What are the benefits and downsides?”  

Destiny: “My experience has been amazing. My teachers are great and very fun to be around. The program has taught me so much and it’s only been one year. It’s super fun no matter what we’re doing, and is all in all a great program for getting a head start for what you want to do in life. The downside this year is definitely not being able to learn every skill correctly due to COVID. We have to minimize what we learn and not get the full experience, but even with those restrictions, it’s still an awesome program.”

Q: “Speaking of COVID, please elaborate on any negative effects the virus has had on your experience with Vo-Tech.”

Destiny: “Usually everyone in the medical field is hands on. Due to COVID we haven’t been able to fully have the experience of learning skills and practicing. Students that attend Vo-Tech can’t use certain tools or things they provided for us to learn because we can’t touch them due to COVID. If COVID wasn’t around we would be able to have more practice and more hands-on activities to help us learn.”

Q: “How would you describe the routine of your typical Vo-Tech session?”

Destiny: “Usually we go in, wash our hands and sit down. The teacher will start the meeting for the virtual students and she will ask us how we’re doing and talk for a little to make sure everyone is okay. The teacher will review the lesson we had the day before and add some more to it every day. After we review then we practice our hands on skills to the best of our ability. Then we leave and take the bus back to school.”

Q: “What would you say to a student who is considering signing up for Vo-Tech?”

Destiny: “I would tell that student that it’s honestly a good decision. One thing to keep in mind: it’s a lot of motivation and it takes a lot to study and keep up with your grades at school at the same time. If you don’t have motivation towards it, then there is a chance that you will get kicked out. So stay persistent, motivated, and show up and you will be prepared to have a job out of high school.”

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