Young People Making a Difference – By Lily Rabbitt

Many American teenagers are not unfamiliar to the concept of procrastination. Usually they apply the phrase to homework assignments, but it can also be a good term to describe attitudes towards other things in life. Teenagers have personal views on politics, the social climate, and how our society should look, but often don’t actually seekContinue reading “Young People Making a Difference – By Lily Rabbitt”

Interview With a Vo-Tech Student- By Lily Rabbitt

Students at Ringgold likely heard of Vo-Tech, an opportunity for students to leave school for a few hours and replace their electives with hands-on, career oriented education. Many, especially freshmen, may be considering participating in Vo-Tech in the future. Here, sophomore Destiny Haney explains her experiences with the program. Q : “What are you attendingContinue reading “Interview With a Vo-Tech Student- By Lily Rabbitt”

Riots and Unrest at the Capitol as Controversy Over the 2020 Election Rages On- By Nick Whaley

On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 6, Pro-Trump protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol building after a rally held by the President. This comes after weeks of controversy over what the President has called fraudulent election results, as according to him, “We won it by a landslide. This was no close election.” This all culminated withContinue reading “Riots and Unrest at the Capitol as Controversy Over the 2020 Election Rages On- By Nick Whaley”

New COVID Shutdowns in PA- By Lily Rabbitt

As of today, Thursday, December 10th, new restrictions have been placed upon the state of Pennsylvania due to drastic increases in the number of COVID- 19 cases and deaths. These restrictions include limiting indoor and outdoor gatherings to 10 and 50 people, respectively, mandating that all restaurants, gyms, and businesses in the entertainment industry (theaters,Continue reading “New COVID Shutdowns in PA- By Lily Rabbitt”

COVID-19 Under Control in Australia- Ashley Robinson

Over the past few weeks Australia is one of the few places who have not had major Covid spikes. Australia is said to have handled it well, compared to others who have not handled it as well. The state of South Australia – which boasts some 1.7 million people – had largely eradicated community transmissionContinue reading “COVID-19 Under Control in Australia- Ashley Robinson”

Trump’s Lawsuits Over the Election Results- Shannon Lutz

After it was announced that Joe Biden is now President Elect, president Donald Trump is filing lawsuits due to the belief the election results are unfair and rigged. Donald Trump believes that the votes should be recounted, and refuses to give up his role as president. The trump administration has more than a few lawsuitsContinue reading “Trump’s Lawsuits Over the Election Results- Shannon Lutz”

The Biden-Trump Transition- Eric Gondella

With enough electoral votes in his column, President-Elect Joe Biden has already begun preparing to move into the White House. Him and his advisors have started forming a transition team and forming a COVID-19 task force. The shift begins despite President Trump’s lawsuits alleging that voter fraud took place in states that show him trailingContinue reading “The Biden-Trump Transition- Eric Gondella”

How the NFL is Handling the COVID-19- Ariann Demchak

The New Way to Play The NFL, like many organizations, is doing all they can to keep their staff, players, and fans safe during this global pandemic. Obstacle after obstacle, the NFL, along with other sports organizations, are working to create a new norm around the many rules and regulations set in place. The NFLContinue reading “How the NFL is Handling the COVID-19- Ariann Demchak”

Ringgold Varsity Hockey Off to a Good Start- Alyssa Connolly

In the 2019-2020 season the Ringgold Varsity Hockey team had a strong overall record of 19-1 and a conference record of 17-1.  After taking a 6-5 win against the Elizabeth Forward Indians in the PIHL Semifinals, their championship game was cancelled due to COVID-19. On the bright side, the team had an amazing season, fromContinue reading “Ringgold Varsity Hockey Off to a Good Start- Alyssa Connolly”