Interview With a Vo-Tech Student- By Lily Rabbitt

Students at Ringgold likely heard of Vo-Tech, an opportunity for students to leave school for a few hours and replace their electives with hands-on, career oriented education. Many, especially freshmen, may be considering participating in Vo-Tech in the future. Here, sophomore Destiny Haney explains her experiences with the program. Q : “What are you attendingContinue reading “Interview With a Vo-Tech Student- By Lily Rabbitt”

New COVID Shutdowns in PA- By Lily Rabbitt

As of today, Thursday, December 10th, new restrictions have been placed upon the state of Pennsylvania due to drastic increases in the number of COVID- 19 cases and deaths. These restrictions include limiting indoor and outdoor gatherings to 10 and 50 people, respectively, mandating that all restaurants, gyms, and businesses in the entertainment industry (theaters,Continue reading “New COVID Shutdowns in PA- By Lily Rabbitt”

COVID-19 Under Control in Australia- Ashley Robinson

Over the past few weeks Australia is one of the few places who have not had major Covid spikes. Australia is said to have handled it well, compared to others who have not handled it as well. The state of South Australia – which boasts some 1.7 million people – had largely eradicated community transmissionContinue reading “COVID-19 Under Control in Australia- Ashley Robinson”

Merry Christmas! : Covid Edition- By Paige Trunzo

Even though Christmas might be different this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate normal traditions – even if it has to be distanced or virtual this year! You can enjoy your Christmas while staying safe.  In the United States, Christmas is a large part of our society. But, with this deadly pandemic going on,Continue reading “Merry Christmas! : Covid Edition- By Paige Trunzo”

Is America Finally Saved From COVID-19? – By Isabella Szakal

The amount of COVID cases is quickly rising once more, and many American citizens are putting their hopes toward a COVID-19 vaccine in the works. Some sources claim that the vaccine is likely to be released before the end of 2020. The doctors working on it are trying to make haste with the vaccine, butContinue reading “Is America Finally Saved From COVID-19? – By Isabella Szakal”

Trick-or-Treating During a Pandemic- By Dominic Cropelli

As Halloween draws near, concerns of Covid-19 have caused the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) to give general guidelines on what to do for this upcoming holiday, and companies are taking active strides to help lessen the impact of the virus. Certain towns are also taking precautions when it comes to trick-or-treating. First, theContinue reading “Trick-or-Treating During a Pandemic- By Dominic Cropelli”

The Hybrid: A New Way of Learning- By Ariann Demchack

Students in school districts around the world have been using the hybrid method, a mix of both online and in-person education, in their schools during the coronavirus pandemic. This new format  helps prevent the spread of the disease and keeps students and faculty members safe.  Schools are working with this method by using a schedulingContinue reading “The Hybrid: A New Way of Learning- By Ariann Demchack”

Coronavirus Vaccine is Scientists’ Top Priority- By Shannon Lutz

Scientists across the world are acting on finding a vaccine for the coronavirus every day due to Covid-19 cases rising and the virus’s deadly capabilities. Scientists work day and night to ensure that we eventually get the desperately needed vaccines, but there are many issues that need to be worked out. Some include basic safetyContinue reading “Coronavirus Vaccine is Scientists’ Top Priority- By Shannon Lutz”

The Spread of Covid-19 in America- By Isabella Szakal

Citizens of the United States have been experiencing a large increase in COVID-19 cases recently.  The virus has spread throughout many different ethnic and age groups. The symptoms of COVID are sometimes very hard to read, so it’s hard to tell if someone has it without testing.  Each day, cases are increasing by the thousands;Continue reading “The Spread of Covid-19 in America- By Isabella Szakal”